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Pemba Channel Conservation Area (PECCA) (which derive its name from Pemba Channel) lies between the latitudes 04º 54’S and 05º 26’S, and is bisected by the longitude 30º 45’E. The area is located on the western seaboard of the Pemba Island straddling the entire coast line from the southern tip to the northern one. PECCA was declared a Conservation Area on September 23rd 2005, through the declaration order under the Fisheries Act of 1988. It stretches from the south of Pemba Island at the southern tip of Ngazi Islet with a two-mile width band stretching along the rest of the western coast of Pemba Island to its northern tip at Ras Kigomasha covering an area of 42 nautical miles. On the western side of PECCA is a deep Pemba channel which drops sharply to a depth below 1000m separating Pemba Island from the mainland Tanzania.

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The declaration of PECCA is provided for under section 7(1) of the Fisheries Act No. 8 of 1988. As of 23rd September 2005, the marine waters of Pemba Channel became part of the Pemba Channel Conservation Area (PECCA). PECCA was established under the Pemba Channel Marine Conservation Area Order which was published in the Government Gazette as the legal supplement (Part II, Vol. CXIV No. 6111). PECCA is administered and managed by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources Zanzibar within the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Environment.

PECCA comprises all marine waters off the west coast of Pemba starting from the beach of Kangani (5o25.8'S; 39o40.4'E) in the south to the beach of Kigomasha (4o53.7'S; 39o42.0'E) in the north. The Misali Conservation Area Order has thus been repealed. The order prohibits the use of certain destructive fishing gear and methods such as beach seine, spear fishing, explosives, poison, dragged nets (kigumi), etc and provide for a system of permits and fees for the use of the area by non-residents. All terrestrial areas within the overall boundaries of PECCA are excluded, but the terrestrial part of Misali Island remains protected under the Misali Forest Order. Read more...